Forum Title: Worst nightmare of my career so far.
Welp, I came across a flat built up that had been leaking for years according to the owner. I took a look and noticed that the portion directly above the damaged dry'all in her living room had been patched with a large amount of tar (about another 1 to 2 inches on top of the gravel) and was on the side where the scuppers were located which made me think the excess tar was damning the water flow from the rest of the roof to the scuppers and causing back flow to seep into the cracks and into the house. Turns out I was only partI'lly right. I removed all of the excess tar and the original built up from (What'should have been) the low side of the roof. I replace it with some peel and stick and tied it into the built up that hadn't been tampered with on the high side. The rain came that night and water poured into the house in the same spots it always had. Ugh! Anyway, I came running back to the place when the customer called and there was a huge lake of water centered right on top of the transition between the old built up and my brand new peel and stick, right in the center of the roof and off to one side. I determined that the roof had either been sagging in the middle over time with all that tar and gravel or the house had shifted back some on It's foundation and reversed the pitch of the roof. In either case I figured there was a couple of ways to fix it. Either tear the whole thing off down to the rafters and shim them under the decking to give it the proper pitch, replace the decking and re roof it again. Or, jack (What'should be) the high side of the house up with bottle jacks to adjust the pitch (yeah right, lol.). Or, pretend the roof was made that way and the builders just forgot to put a drain in the right spot, then putting a scupper right where the deepest part of the pond is, running it down the wall, and into a gutter that directs it back to the back of the house. As it is now, the water never even makes it to where the scuppers are placed originally. One more thought was to carve a groove into the decking and rafters from the ponding water to the scuppers but that would also require removing my brand new (and expensive) peel and stick and quite a lot of work too. Any thoughts? If not I'm going with the denial plan and installing a new scupper. lol. ?I'll upload some pics later.
Category: Roofing Post By: TRACY SILVA (Sandy, UT), 03/14/2018

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