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From time to time we get a caller where We'replaced their roof several years back. When its been longer than the 5 year warranty we give i have a dilema about whether or not to fix the problem without charging as it is out of warranty. Some people understand what out of warranty means. Others could care less. You put on the roof then you should fix it is all they Can'think about. And on the one hand i feel they have a valid point but on the other hand every thing else in life i have ever purchased that came with a warranty. When that warranty expires then thats it! Forget about a freebie! lol I Don't think putting on a roof should mean free maintenance for life but my inner conscious says fix it anyways. lol I fixed a leak on a roof today for free that we installed some 7 years ago. It was an elderly lady who said she could not afford to pay for a repair and she felt we should fix it. So i broke down and went out there. When i arrived the first thing i noticed was her 2008 Cadillac sitting under the carport! lol The leak was around the bottom right corner of a wooden gable vent which i fixed at no charge. Then when i got back to the office at the end of the day i had another one that was 8 1/2 yrs. old. I gritted my teeth together so hard i think i chipped one of them. lol They Don't ?feel? they should have to pay to get it fixed either. What to do! What to do! :woohoo:
Category: Roofing Post By: ISAAC SIMON (Palm Bay, FL), 02/24/2018

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