Forum Title: Insurance Question Again..Sheet Metal Chimney Housings That Have Painted Or Embossed Brick Patterns And 2 Piece Flashing Kit
Regarding the fake chimneys, which are actually just a Chimney Surround, on top of the roof top, where the gas B-Vent penetrates through the roof, what would be the line item for an adjuster to review when one of those are existing and in place on the roof plane that needs insurable covered work done to it? The shingles butt up under the lower portion of the flashing and overlap the left and right sides, as well as the top short pan flashing. These can be quite the phantom ghost leak if not sealed correctly, just from a pin hole through the old metal flashing, which they do not sell separately, without purchasing the entire chimney housing kit. The adjuster I am dealing with, claims that he has NEVER heard of any roofer even needing to remove the housing from the roof, which is all I was requesting, was for a remove and reset of the chimney structure. The old tar and caulk must be cleaned off of the flashing components and then as our policy, if we do not see any evidence of pin holes in the metal, we encapsulate them below and on top with Grace Ice and Water Shield. So, the adjuster is being petty about a very minimal charge for work that is required to ensure that there is no future possibility of leaks. Is there an Xactimate line item that deals with this roof component? Besides just doing it anyways, which I will be doing to ensure a quality installation, where do I stand as far as getting the home owners their justly due additional funds for this minor portion of work. Or, do I get to that point of the project and inform the adjuster that I need his I'mediate attention and to get over their while the crew is waiting and charging our hourly rate while waiting for him to come out and approve the removal, inspection and resetting of the chimney housing and flashings in place? That would really make me look look a prick, wouldn?t it? Ed
Category: Roofing Post By: Charles LaCour (Fargo, ND), 02/04/2018

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