Forum Title: Heat gun on torchdown?
After an inspection on the roof involved in a sale, the inspector pointed out that the torchdown roof on a small cricket hadn't been heated enough to become shiny at the seams in places. Well, the places that he was referring to are in a tight spot under an overhanging roof with about 18? of clearance. The torchdown is half-lapped with only 16? of exposure and has at least a 2/12 pitch in a sheltered area and has never been a problem for the 7 years It's been there and I doubt ever would be. The original roofer probably didn't torch it because of the fire hazard and I am not insured to use a torch, so I was wondering if a Leister heat gun would heat up the old torchdown enough to get It'shiny, melt the seams and satisfy the inspector.
Category: Roofing Post By: RON VAUGHN (Mount Vernon, NY), 03/08/2018

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