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Prompted by ROOFITRIGHT post. My mother will 90 this month, her sister just passed last September at 102. My Aunt, on my Dads? side will be 98 this February. Getting back to my Mom, last month I was out and about with a friend and in my Moms? neighborhood so I called to see if she needed anything, yes..bread, juice & eggs. Delivered the items and sat for awhile talking. My friend hadn't seen her in awhile so it was a nice visit. My Mom inquired about my friends daughter of 20 and her love life which got turned around to my Mom meeting my Dad and the wonderful life they had together until Dad passing in ?99. The story started in the mid 30?s and after an hour we were up to ?41. We lauughed and had to say, ?Mom we gotta go, we?ll have to come back for the rest?. Of course I've heard it all many times and still love it. Point being, she lost her Dad to WWI, courted and married through WWII, was conscripted through the war to work on ammunitions, gas masks in baby carriages, black outs, ration tickets, Germans dropping bombs over Scotland to lighten their load back to Germany, work in England through the war. Relatives giving ration tickets so she get a dress to marry. Of course she is baffled by'all the technology and sticks to her old ways and as some of us know, the old ways work just slower. She has the good fortune of having great grandchildren the oldest being 13 and if she follows suite with her sister she may actually see them as young women. That boggles my mind. A living history book, telling it as it was right from the women that lived it. A few years ago we had her write down the family tree as best she could, that was impressive, a great memory, these familys were large, my Dads? alone was 12. The family is scattered all over the world now, so we thought it was important to have a root start somewhere, she even gave information on her & dads grandparents. Well anyway, my brothers and some grandkids are gathering for this event, should be nice. Talked to her last night, had to laugh, knowing they are traveling in from NY, she?s saying, ?you know Pat, they?re getting older now and have to consider their age and the weather?. ?They are in their 60?s Mom, I think they can handle it?. You gotta love them and listen to them. PC
Category: Roofing Post By: VERA WATTS (Pico Rivera, CA), 02/28/2018

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