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Scanned this pic from the local weekend newspaper, quite the article about the National Library here in the Capital of NZ. The roof leaks. What riles me is the way the article was written it looks like it was the roof membrane materials fault, when in fact it was tight fistedness at the time of building it and poor substrate specifications. and construction. Any fool ( apart from the Politicians and Architects) can see from the photo that all the patches are where the fixings of the plywood deck are ( 99.9% certainly they used nails not screws) The building was built in the mid to late 1980?s about the time Butynol ( a brand of butyl rubber) was starting to bight into the BUR market. It was new and it was half the price of hot mop built up roofing and about a 1/4 the price of Mastic Asphalt ( which would have had to have been laid on a concrete substrate anyway). They went for the cheap option, plain and simple. The main paragraph in this story goes like this ? A domestic-quality material has been used for a building of national importance. A lot of money will be spent either putting another floor down ( another storie on top) or ripping up the roof. Its crazy? quote Rob Stevens, library renovation and project manager. What a load of crock. the roof has been down 22 years, 2 years past its Guarantee period. The substrate has obviously failed. There is another paragraph where the original Govt. Architect speaks of the situation back in the mid 1980?s ? The library people were unhappy with the roof before they moved in?, he recalls, ? we had gone for the more modestly priced option, as we always envisaged an extra floor would be put on top? There are false ceilings made out of metal placed below the leaking roofs, with plastic piping to collect and divert the water away from the precious library collections. The Library Building was modelled on the Boston City Hall of 1962, voted by Boston residents as the ugliest building in their city. A budget for renovation of initial $NZ82million has been cut to $NZ52 million. Already you can see where corners will be cut again for a second time. Most of the Govt. buildings in the precinct where designed to have copper roofs, only two were ever completed to this design. Makes you wonder about where your tax money is going, the talk now is to put a shiney glass fasade around the whole building, but no mention of what they are going to do with the roof. You can see the majority of the $52mil. going to Consultants, Architects, the GC and backhanders to suppliers. Its about 4000m2 in size. How many times have I or you heard this one before ?oh we only want it to last a few years, we plan to build another storie on top? only to see your ?temporary roof? 10-15 years down the track still holding the place together :laugh: :laugh: I think that the temporary butyl roof did pretty good considering. I'll be talking to the Butynol Rep. next week and see what their reaction was :cheer:
Category: Roofing Post By: JANE BROOKS (Palm Coast, FL), 03/17/2018

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