Forum Title: A Slate/Gutter Repair
A bit of fun at a gutter end today. Somebody cut the slate back to the wood install the gutter. Owner didn't want changed or replaced. I other storm damage to repair in the area anyway, so modifed the roof to fit. To start with, I wrapped the wood on the end so when the gutter plugs up, it Can't overflow into the soffit. The new wood was wrapped, as were the slate. Then I bibbed the gutter end with lead. Some of the repair work. I was using 18?s and larger. Random Ragged slate is easier than it looks, but more complicated than it looks too. You still need to maintain straight lines underneath for proper headlap. The finished area. I even tossed in a 9x 28? slate to add more character just to the left. Finished this with a 24? slate I belI've. I had some large ones to use. This was just part of a job in which I was doing storm damage repairs, but thought it was noteworhty enough for comment. If I had time and money both, I?d do a RR slate roof on my house.
Category: Roofing Post By: COURTNEY ERICKSON (Miami Beach, FL), 03/03/2018

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