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I have been surfing a web site where you ask a roofing expert a question and of course they respond with thier intelligent answers. many questions refer to shingles blown off in a major wind storm where winds sustain well over 60 mph. His responce is that it is the contractors liability because they roofed in the winter. Or regardless of when it was installed, it was the contractor who chose the material. My question are (1) If a manufacturer will only warranty a 3-tab shingle for up to 60 mph winds and the contractor installs in August (plenty of time to self seal) and shingles blow off in December storm and winds were documented at 65 mph?.who has the liability? (2) Contractor installs in December and the shingles blow off in Febuary (two months later and not enough time to self seal) from 65 mph winds?who is liable? My opinion is that?.regardess of self sealing or not, once the wind exceeds 60 mph, ?all bets are off? (so to speak) it is expected That'shingles will blow off anyways. There is no manf. warranty appliable after 60 mph and the contractor should not be at fault either.
Category: Roofing Post By: RAMON SANTIAGO (Wichita Falls, TX), 02/15/2018

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