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The roof, one of the most important parts of the home or offices offers us a vital layer of protection from the outside environment. It holds off the hardest weather to protect us from both the contents and our selves. It also provides insulation, keeping the temperature inside stable and reducing our heating needs.

A roof is covered on the outside with slates or tiles to protect and stacked in an overlapping fashion. This prevents seals from stacking on top of each other and providing a way to water to leak through. They are stacked in lines and are secured to the boards spread over the rooftop structure. Battens are nailed directly to the rafters which help hold the structure of the home together.

Roofing felt that is laid underneath the battens generates a dust and water vapour barrier. It stops the warm air within the roof from coming into contact or to mix with cold air under the tiles, therefore reducing the chance of condensation. It also stops dust from being blown under the tiles and into the homes.

Below are some points, information and costs to expect.

Understanding Different Roof Sections

Whilst you are curious to learn how to replace roof tiles, you must first familiarize yourself with the other sections that back up the roof. Here is a quick detail to bring you up to speed:

Ridge - Where the two opposing angles of slates or tiles meet you have a ridge. At this top point of the roof it will be capped by using ridge tiles.

Valley - On the downward portion of the slope where 2 sections meet, it generates a “V” called a valley.

Hips - Where two parts come together at the highest of the roof, forms a line called a hip.

Flashing - A seal among the building structure (brickwork) and the roof tiles, often using lead.

Verges – Verges are above the gables where the roof edge is exposed known as verges.

Eaves - The overhang wherever the roof protrudes past the walls of the house, called eaves..

Facia Board - A board that runs along with the roof at the downiest point, usually supporting the guttering.

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